Zeehaas’ core business is to translate complex or specialized topics to a wider general audience.

Zeehaas specializes in science writing. She writes about (bio)medical sciences, health care, and science in relation to society. In addition she also covers topics in other disciplines, such as psychology and occassionally geology or physics. Zeehaas’ strength lies in understanding a topic thoroughly, and then communicating it both comprehensively and clearly.

Zeehaas works for magazines, companies, governing organizations, medical or scientific organizations, patient affiliations and creative entrepreneurs. Zeehaas writes for several audiences and for various levels, e.g. professionals, policy makers, students, patients, laymen, etc. She mainly writes in Dutch, but depending on the topic and audience, Zeehaas also delivers text in comprehensive English. Other services in English are: editing, reports (conferences or meetings) and press releases. Zeehaas also provides workshops in comprehensive and accessible writing.

If you wish more information about my portfolio or my English written pieces, please contact me by e-mail: vuijst@zeehaas.nl.

Zeehaas is run by science writer and medical biologist Chrétienne Vuijst (1974).
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